Never ever give up on Your Dreams!

Do you have dreams, goals? Do you believe in yourself?

If you are trying to do something better in your life, having a better lifestyle or for example reach bigger goals in your carrier, in other words you have big dreams (and you should have big dreams) probably you met with the opinions and advices of you friends, family members and other people.

And I bet that they told you that you are crazy, that you are only a dreamer and that you should come back to the earth or something like that. But I would like to give you an advice, and trust me I am telling you my own experience. Do not listen opinions of people who will distract you on your way to your dreams and goals.

It doesn’t matter how realistically they talk, just do not listen them. Why? Because you should listen advices and opinions from successful people and they will tell you the exact opposite. They will tell you that you can do it, that you will achieve your dreams and goals, that you have the potential to do it, just like anybody else.

They will also tell you that you should dream big and have big goals. The truth is that they had also big dreams otherwise they will not be successful. That is why they are where they are. At the top.

I know the feeling that is inside of you, the feeling and voice which is saying to you that you can do it, you will achieve your dreams, you want something more in life. Just start to listen this voice, because after a while you will recognize that this voice is your own intuition. The truth is when you are listening your intuition you will always doing right.

Never ever give up on your dreams. Dream big that you ever have been before. Take action and you can have whatever you want.

Marianna JacksonĀ