Cultivate Happiness

Life is meant to be happy. What starts off as a good day could easily turn sour if on your way to work someone suddenly cuts you off on the highway; or the moment you get to work you are hit with a disrespectful or negative comment from a co-worker. These things can cause a waterfall of negativity and ruin your whole day, if you allow it.

The trick is not letting these things have a negative effect on you. Acting in response to life situations rather than creating or controlling them creates a victim state of mind. If the way you feel is dependent on others’ actions or behavior, it will only lead to your disappointment.

Your thoughts and feelings throughout the day is the most important thing, as they are what creates your reality.

Fortunately you can do something about it now. The answer is to create your own happiness in a way that will arm you against negativity, and allow you to maintain good thoughts and feelings.

How to Cultivate Happiness?

• Expect to have a great day. Make it your intention to have a great day no matter what. If there is a situation that could potentially derail your efforts, focus on how you would rather have it as opposed to having negative expectations, even though at first it may seem an unlikely outcome.

• Eliminate negativity. Negativity drags down your energy and feels like a heavy weight on your shoulders. This would include negative situations, people, television, or social media, complaining, etc. Since the way you feel is so important, it’s necessary to remove negativity from your experience. While it’s impossible to completely shield yourself, at least limit your time in these types of situations, and don’t allow yourself to dwell on it.

• Be grateful for what you have. This will make you feel good and help you shift to a mindset of abundance, as well as bring in more for you to be grateful for. When you get out of bed in the morning, mentally go through a list of everything you are thankful for. Really focus on feeling the gratitude.



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