Start with small changes!

I have been coaching women for more than 20 years and I know that many of them only think negatively about their bodies. But if you can connect with your physical self, you will find life so much easier. No matter your size, your age, your health condition, your financial issues—your body needs you.

Take care of your body, take care of your soul. It’s appreciating the wonder of human life and nurturing it. It’s something you can do no matter what shape you’re in. Just start from where you’re at. Even small changes make a huge difference. Love your body, love your soul.

Let’s start with your feet. When was the last time you paid some attention to your feet? Scrape away those calluses. Lovingly trim those toenails. Soak your feet in a lavender foot bath. Put on foot cream every night when you get into bed. Massage those hard-working muscles!

Okay, now how about that other hard-working part of your body, your spine? How to keep your spine healthy? Every time you pass through a doorway, use it as a reminder to straighten your spine. Sit up straight when you’re working at the computer. Do some gentle twists. Turn your head left and right, up and down—gently!—and release the tension at the top of your spine. I can suggest a great Spine Balance training program for you, if you would like to learn more about it:

What about your lungs? Take care of your lungs! Big slow breaths. Expand and breathe, especially when you’re in nature. Conscious breathing is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to calm your body down. Don’t take it for granted!

Get your eyes checked every two years. Wear your sunglasses in the sun.

Take care of your skin. If you live in a hot climate, like me (Las Vegas, Nevada), you want to use your sunscreen every day you are in the sun.

No one is hydrated enough. I’m sure you need to drink more water. Get those liquids in you, unsweetened herbal tea or water, water, water. The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces a day.

We’ve covered feet, spine, lungs, eyes, what’s next? How about how you present yourself? Do you need a haircut? If you color your hair, how long has it been? Is it time? What about those nails—do they need a little TLC? Trimming, shaping, maybe a dab of color. Are you making an effort in how you dress? You knew I’d get there eventually! Go look in your closet—are your clothes the right size? Do you get out of those sweatpants or leggings occasionally? Have you stopped wearing makeup, tweezing those eyebrows, if you typically do?

Now, very important, your bra. When was the last time you bought bra? Are you wearing the right size? If you go to a lingerie shop, they’ll fit you properly and you’ll know your size. Most women don’t and are wearing the wrong size.

Do you do the self-breast exam? If you don’t, ask your doctor how to go about it or watch a reliable educational video. Do you have regular exams? Keep yourself healthy.

What about your muscles? You need to challenge your muscles to keep them strong or make them stronger. How do you do that? By moving. Go to the gym, do Pilates, Yoga, or play tennis, go to swim. If you live in the country or a suburb, you probably drive everywhere. Time to put your sneakers on and start to walk. If exercise is not your thing, you can embrace walking. Start slowly and increase the distance and speed over time. Commit yourself to walking and it will make all the difference in your muscles. You can even walk outdoors somewhere in nature and feed your soul at the same time!

The more you’re in touch with what is going on inside your body, the easier it will be for you to manage anxiety and depression. Unite your mind and body and watch yourself glow!

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Marianna Jackson