Enjoy your “Me time”!

When was the last time you got more than a few hours to yourself? Really, truly, just you. Not with the family or friends. Even better question, when was the last time you got away and didn’t feel bad about it?

Whether you want to block off thirty minutes per day or an entire week twice a year, there is an endless amount of research to demonstrate just how beneficial it is to build some alone time into your schedule. These benefits aren’t just great for our professional development, but they’re just as important for our personal well-being and self-care practice.

Phone Free Focus
When you’re free from co-workers and family members, the ability to focus and concentrate increases exponentially as you decrease the amount of distractions in your surrounding environment. However, you can’t achieve that without disconnecting from your phone. 

Encourage Inspiration

Our environment has a direct impact on our mood, but it also can prompt creativity and the ability to retain information. Research has shown that studying in new and multiple locations improves performance and productivity. I like to try taking a different route on a walk around the neighborhood or working from a new coffee shop. Just try it out , you will feel the new energy from a new environment!

Natural Nourishment

Get some “fresh air”! Whether you’re taking a lap around the office building or taking a notebook to the park to work a little bit, choosing to spend some time alone while in nature relieves stress and improves our problem-solving abilities. On a physical level, getting some sunlight optimizes energy levels and boosts our immune system.

There’s a reason this practice has stuck around for thousands of years – spending some time in silence and stillness each day proves to bring an enormous amount of physical and mental benefits. In the beginning, just count of 4-6 for your inhales, a count of 6-10 for your exhales. Even this little “me time / breathing” will help you a lot to calm down. 

We’ve heard plenty of reasons as to why it’s wise to exercise regularly. You don’t have to run to the gym and spend hours there. Your “intuitive movement” can break-up your usual pattern. This can mean turning your favorite song on and truly dance however you feel like moving. There is no right or wrong way to move, simply just try to get into your body and listen to what it wants to do.

Start to plan your “Me time” today! 

Marianna Jackson / Las Vegas, NV