10 things I never go on long flights without

In the last 22 years I have been travelling a lot between Europe and the United States. I have learned a lot about the long flights, I excatly know where do I want to chose my comfortable seat, I know I don’t want to seat next to the window, I know how do I need to pack my hand lagguage and what kind of stuffs I need on the board to make my flight more comfortable.

After years of travelling I have my own routine with the following items:

  1. Hand sanitizer: In airports and on airplanes, germs reside almost everywhere, from water glasses to seat cushions to tray tables to in-flight entertainment clickers. The worst is the restroom. It is a major threat zone for the spread of disease. Protect yourself by limiting your contact with surfaces and use paper towels or shirt sleeves to turn on the faucet and open the restroom door. Always use hand sanitizer after using the restroom.
  2. Disinfecting wipes: You never know who sat in your seat or what happened on your tray table before you checked into your flight. I always take my wipes with me so I can clean my seat, my tray,my armrests so at least I know, I sanitized the items around me. 
  3. A pair of airphones: Most international flights provide movies and music for their passengers. However most airlines give out free earphones, I always bring my own—they’re cleaner, and they sound better! I can listen to my favourite music on the board – it always helps me to be relaxed.
  4. A travel pillow: On a long-haul flight, getting some sleep helps time move faster and ensures that you arrive at your destination refreshed, so a portable pillow is a must. International flights offer pillows but it is so hard to use them, they too soft or too small. I love taking my own pillows. They protect my neck and relax my muscles. 
  5. A pair of comfy slippers: Wearing comfortable shoes is so important to ensure an overall positive experience on a long flight. Bring a pair of slippers to change into once on board. You will feel more homie and comfortable.
  6. A pair of earplugs: They help you avoid unvanted noise while you travel and give you peace and quiet.
  7. Snacks: My favourites are the healthy protein bars or some nuts (almonds, peanuts). I really need them as the snacks on the flights are not for me (and I don’t suggest them to anybody, actually.)
  8. Lip balm: I always have lip balm with me. The dry air in the cabin can make your lips extremly dry what you want to avoid with a good lip balm.
  9. Toothpaste and toothbrush: Having a traveller size toothpaste is excellent choise to make your mounth fresh.
  10. Light jacket or sweater: I am always cold on the airplane. I suggest a light jacket or warm sweater because sometimes the blanket what the cabin crew give you is just not enough, especially when you are tired and you definitelly don’t want to be cold.

Enjoy Your Flight!

Marianna Jackson / Las Vegas, NV