Mount Charleston, Nevada

Living in Las Vegas doesn’t mean living on the Strip. In fact, we have so many beautiful parks, lakes, mountains. We took a one day trip to the beautiful Mount Charleston. While we were enjoying the sunshine in the city, we were able to see and feel the winter weather, snow and ice in the mountains.

Just 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas visitors can find all the cool mountain breezes, fresh air and all-around scenic beauty of Mount Charleston.

Part of the Spring Mountain Range and Toiyabe National Forest, Mount Charleston ranges from 3,000 to 12,000 feet in elevation. It is Nevada’s eighth-highest mountain peak and one of the Top 10 most topographically prominent peaks in the United States.

With an average temperature of 20 to 30 degrees cooler than that of the surrounding Nevada desert and a short 35-mile drive from Las Vegas, Mount Charleston is the perfect day trip for nature enthusiasts visiting Sin City. Rising from the desertic landscape near the border of California, Mount Charleston is one of the highest elevations in Nevada and provides visitors with ample opportunities for hiking, skiing, picnicking, and horseback riding.




Photos, video and article by Marianna Jackson and Michael Jackson