Don’t be afraid to feel Beautiful!

We all have moments when we look in the mirror and not exactly been pleased with the reflection staring back at us. We all have ups and downs. These down days that we are hyper-critical of ourselves, noticing every last blemish or out of place hair. We are so unsatisfied with our apperance that makes us wanna cry ( or we cry).

For many of us, this reaction in the mirror happens more often than not.

But we also have moments when we love what we see. Maybe it’s a good hair day or a favorite outfit. Maybe it’s a summer glow. Or perhaps it’s coming from a deeper place, joy and confidence that is making us feel simply radiant. These are special moments. It’s in these moments where we lay aside the lies that continually tell us that we aren’t enough and are able to see clearly how beautiful we really are. We feel comfortable with our appearance and don’t feel the need to critique and criticize ourselves. For many of us, these moments don’t happen nearly enough.

This life makes us doubt our beauty. We measure ourselves against unrealistic standards,.Because of these impossible standards we are often afraid to really love our bodies and our appearance.

I want to encourage you, my dear reader to spend some time thinking about the last time that you felt gorgeous. When was it? Your wedding day? Your prom? Any another special occasion? I feel the most beautiful when I am at the Ocean and spending my time with my husband. Feeling the fresh breeze and holding each other is when I definitelly feel so peaceful and gourgous.  Whatever it is for you, take some time to write about it. Make a list of all the things that make you feel beautiful, confident and radiant.

And then the next time you look in the mirror and feel the similar sting of disappointment remember of all of the things that made you feel beautiful. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your own beauty, your body and the uniqueness of you!

Marianna Jackson / Las Vegas, NV