John McCain senator and formal presidential candidate, dies at 81

John McCain a man that we all should respect and showed our thanks to.for serving our country and our US Senate. Thank You Again.

John McCain was not a Republican or a Democrat he was define as a true American that stood up for the human race. When he saw injustice he didn’t just turn his back he did whatever it took to make it right. It didn’t really matter what his party thought. It’s a lot more I can say about this GREAT AMERICAN but I’m going to let his footprint speak for itself. I’m sure you will enjoy the ride.

To show Mr. John McCain the respect that he truly deserve this Sunday we should all stand up when the National Anthem is played at sporting venue and let’s show our unity as country that the work that he has done over the years was not done in vain.

We need to come together as a country and be the WORLD LEADERS that we have always been.

God Bless John McCain and God Bless America.

A Country is only as strong as its weakest link

Michael Jackson