Miss America waves bye bye to bikinis!

When it comes to beauty pageants, there are certain aspects of the competition that you assume will never go away. But this week one pageant in particular has made history with a surprising announcement: Miss America cancelled its swimsuit competition portion, choosing to move away from judging women on their bodies and focusing instead on their minds and talents.

“Miss America is scrapping its swimsuit competition and will no longer judge contestants based on their looks”, the organization announced Tuesday.

Since its start, nearly 100 years ago, the pageant has been known for featuring beauty queens parading around in skimpy bikinis and sparkly gowns.

Now, the Miss America hopefuls from all 50 states and DC will be asked to show off their wits and passion in a live interactive session with the judges.

Instead of evening gowns, contestants will be asked to wear something that portrays their personal style and makes them feel confident.