Patience creates a rose!

Everything we do is on the path of time. It’s like a forest. Sometimes we see the right path, and other times we can’t see anything in the darkness.

Obviously we are moving forward, quickly in some things, and in certain cases the time feels horribly slow. Especially in difficult situations, the clock slowly ticking, tense waiting, nervous days and nights. No wonder our most beautiful days, our beloved moments during this time will be a shred of time in the blink of an eye. It’s an inseparable mystery. Yesterday we were kids, I remember it clearly. Now my hair is grey. Where did the time go? Why is it that our childhood years passed so slowly, and in the adult world it is connected to hyper-speed. Ten years was just yesterday.

The cycles of our lives moves in different time ranges. In any case, it gives you a chance, even if it runs fast. The time is working for us, which is true.

We need a number of cases PATIENCE. Patience is the preservation of our self-control, and calm both spiritually and physically. If we live a while and when things are slowly evolving then this is even truer, it is a great test of strength. Patience creates a rose, or more haste less speed. This is a very wise advice. Because if we hasten, we want to push things, we probably do not notice what the mistakes are, and we may put ourselves in a much worse position than to wait longer for the course to run.

It is not a coincidence therefore that if something goes slowly it takes more time. In this period of time, we are usually in the process of change. It’s as if we are in a timepiece. One door is closed and the other is not yet open. We need to be a little in the space, figuratively, stuck between the two closed doors so that we can move smoothly to the next life cycle. Long months may be over, with worry and tension, we feel a lot depends on this, so we have to be patient with the fact that we are looking forward with a clean head. Long waiting does not mean something bad will happen. Let’s stay positive!

It is best to start composing something during this time, so let’s take our attention so that waiting is quicker. During that time, let’s get into some studying, learning, a hobby. We may live more socially as our time is useful during this period.

It always happens in good time in our lives even if we do not see it straight away. Looking back we always understand, because everything has a time in life that needs to happen! Let’s be relaxed, patient, enjoy every moment, even if it’s difficult to see. Do not waste time on it but use it perfectly!