Delicious home made holiday!

From the Easter table, delicious ham and egg dishes, as well as easter scones, which I just made with poppy seeds filling. Decorate your festive table with fresh spring flowers, painted eggs, following the old traditions.

Round poppy seeds scones for Easter!

500 g flour,
80 g melted butter
2,5 dl warm milk
1 sachet dried yeast (7g)
1 egg
50 g sugar
1 lemon peel
Pinch of salt

200 g poppy seeds cream

Put all ingredients of the dough into a large bowl, and mix well and hard for about 10 minutes, to add more air in the dough. Sticky at first but the longer you work it the smoother it gets.

Put a little flour on the top and cover with a kitchen clothe, and leave to rise, approximately 1-2 hours.

Put on work surface, add flour and start flatten the dough app 3mm thick. Grease the top with poppy seeds cream and raisins.

Start rolling up the dough. Then choose a round cake baking tin, line with baking paper and start packing the roll. If its longer just twist and tuck under. They will grow more.

Put some egg white on the top and sides leave to rest approximately 30 minutes. Brush again with some egg yolk, then ready to bake.

Bake at 175C for 35 minutes. Leave to cool before cutting

Happy Easter and bon appetite!