How to have a healthier Christmas?

One of the main reasons people put on weight over Christmas isn’t actually down to the Christmas dinner, it’s about higher calorie intake day after day.

I know it is so easy to eat too much on the holiday season, the social Christmas events, the Christmas food bargains in the supermarkets can result in you eating hundreds of extra calories per day.

Chocolates, Christmas cake, crisps, sausage rolls and other easy-to-grab-and-eat foods served at parties and sold in the shops are particularly tempting because they’re instantly gratifying, especially when you’re hungry and it’s cold outside. But, rather than providing you with long-lasting satisfaction, they’ll just leave you hungry for more.

Grab some nuts from their shells. So, instead of going for the easy snacks provided, grab some nuts in their shells. Research from Eastern Illinois University, USA, shows that eating nuts in their shells is much better because we eat 40% less calories.

More drink, more exercise. The other main problem is the alcohol. Many people drink more over the holiday period and just a few extra beers or mixers can easily push you over your daily recommended calorie intake. So if you are planning to drink more, do more exercise to compensate.

Take control of your snacking. It’s not just breakfast, lunch and dinner that pile on the pounds, what about those in-between nibbles?

Here are some tips against snacking:

  • Replace part of an unhealthy snack with something healthy. So if you always have three biscuits with a cup of tea in the afternoon, have one biscuit with some fruit or carrots.
  • Make sure that you keep your water/fluid intake up. Steer clear of high calorie or high fat drinks.
  • Focus on what you’re eating, so that you really taste it.
  • Make a list of everything you’re going to eat, every day, including snacks. Make sure that they are healthy snacks though, like fruit or rice cakes.

Stick with your routine! Lack of exercise combined with greater calorie intake is one of the main reasons we all tend to put on weight during the winter months. So stick with your routine or, even better, ramp it up. Go for a winter walk, it will boost your brain, you will boost your levels of Vitamin D, it could help beat depression and good for your joints as well.

Chose the following superfoods: cranberries, turkey breast, brussel sprouts, chestnuts, red cabbage, clementines, brazil nuts, cinnamon to get a helthier Christmas this time.