Be thankful every day!

This is a time that we all should be very thankful for everything in our lives. All over the World we all have being hit with some kind battle scares  from terrorism to sickness. Let’s take the time and reach out our hands and helping each other to heal not only in America but all over the world.
I  have a great and beautiful reason to be thankful this season I have faced death this past year with a life threatening medical issue, but I was blessed that I had God and my beautiful wife,  who was by my side for the entire time. She is definitely my Angel.
Without my wife, Marianna and the grace of God I would not be able telling you my story. I  When most couples would have given up, Marianna stayed by my side through all of the procedures and gave me the personal care and assistance I needed. This experience strengthened our foundation and made our relationship that much stronger. Through all of these personal trials, I found my best friend, my true love, and a wonderful wife.
So for this season of Thanksgiving reach out to someone who is hurting and needs emotional assistance,  just tell them you are there for them. Be a friend!  Happy Thanksgiving!


Michael Jackson