Travelling in the winter is awesome!

I am in Los Angeles at the airport waiting for my flight back to my homeland in Hungary. I am writing this article while I am waiting. It is still nice and warm here in the city, but as I am travelling to Europe (Hungary), the winter is definitelly there already. Travelling is a very exciting and a fun thing for me,however jetlag is not my friend. I already know that I will be sick and tired of the 9 hours time difference, however I love the fact that I will be in my hometown to see my family and also have some important meetings.

I believe travelling in the winter is better than in the summer. Here are my reasons why:

  1. I never liked the summer storms. It is so scary when you fly to see the lightning all over around the plane. I know that it is not dangerous, I just don’t like the fact that it is lightning while I am sitting and trying to relax on the plane. In winter we have snow but to me it is different. I remember one time when I travelled to Washington D.C.and there was a huge snow fall at the airport…it looked amazing when we landed.


  1. It looks so beautiful when it is snowing. A lot of people hate snow, but it brings me back memories when I was growing up in Hungary where the snow is like in the Christmas movies. Plus you can enjoy a nice fireplace or the winter activities, like skiing, snowboarding, etc. I also love the Christmas fairs when it is snowing, like in Budapest and in Vienna.


  1. The hotel prices are lower than in the summer. Last night I stayed at the Hilton and I got a room for a very low price. You can enjoy the luxury when you are not travelling in a peak season (well, definitelly not Christmas time or New Years Eve).


  1. You can wear georgeous clothes! Coats, gloves, boots, socks and so many other beautiful clothing items that make winter not only glorious, but fashionable. When you are dressed in your beautiful and comfortable coat and a pair of warm boots, you can feel so lovely.


  1. Another great thing about travelling in winter is that naturally, landmarks, museums, and every place that’s worth of seeing is less crowded, leading you one step closer to inner peace and quiet and greater knowledge and personal experiences.


  1. Even the soup tastes better inthe winter than in the summer. So imagine all the glory your tastebuds get to bask in when you travel to different locations and try out different foods next to a fireplace in your really awesome winter clothes! Enjoy the season my friends.


Marianna Jackson