Praying for Las Vegas

The famous Las Vegas Boulevard /Strip/ was always well known about happiness, positive energy, great vibes and parties. I have been in Las Vegas for 9 years and every time, when I was sad or I happy, I always went to the Strip to get more energy from the people

Sunday, October 1st., my husband and I were having a lovely evening at home in Las Vegas. We were watching a funny movie, when all of a sudden I got a text from one of our friends, and he was asking, “Are you ok? Are you at home? I hope you are not on the Strip?” I called him immediately, as we didn’t understand his question. We just got the news from him that there was a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip at the Mandalay Bay. Of course we turned the TV on and the horrible news was everywhere….the shooting was going on just one mile away from us while we were watching the news.

I stepped on the balcony and was able to hear the scary and loud sirens. The crowd was shouting, crying, and screaming on the Television.

We weren’t sure at that time as to what was going on. How many shooters were involved, where was it, and what was happening? That was absolutely scary. We were watching the news all night long and were speechless.

As we all know today, the Evil’s name was Stephen Paddock, who was shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, killing 58 people and injured 489. He had a plan to run away, but thank God it didn’t happen. He killed himself before the police broke into his room..

Everybody is asking the same question: WHY? We are looking for the answers and cannot understand.

I was driving on the Boulevard today and was watching the people on the street and in the vehicles. No more fun, no more positive energy, no more life on the Strip. America’s playground became quiet. We are sad and mad at the same time. The wind is softly touching the palm trees, I can hear the sadness in the air.

I know life needs to go on and we will feel better in a couple of weeks or months but right now our hearts are broken. We will never forget that Sunday. Las Vegas won’t be the same anymore. In the future when we look at the Mandalay Bay, we won’t remember the luxury anymore, but we will always remember those innocent people who lost their lives because of the Evil.

Maybe one day we can enjoy the Strip again, maybe one day, people will happily dancing and singing and the Boulevard will be full of energy again. Maybe one day our beautiful palm trees will happily whisper again.

As we pray for those who lost their lives and for their families, October 1st will always be a day of mourning.

Vegas is strong!

Marianna Jackson / Las Vegas, Nevada