The Superwoman Syndrome

Las Vegas, 5.30am. The Alarm woke me up. My love gave me a warm hug and doesn’t want to let me get out of bed. I would love to stay with him but I can’t. I have a lot of things to do.

I kiss him softly like a cat, I am getting out. I don’t want to wake him up yet. He has ten more minutes to sleep. I look at him and think about our last 8 months. It wasn’t easy at all. He believes that we could survive because of my strong personality and knowledge. The truth is that love can be a huge help and we definitelly have that. Plus of course without him I couldn’t do anything regarding his health. He accepted my suggestions and help and he followed my advices. That’s all.

I go to the kitchen to make some coffee and our delicious smoothies. I am trying to create new smoothies, full of vitamins every day. I also make some light breakfast. We need energy.

I definitelly need energy. We, in Las Vegas, are 9 hours before the hungarian time. It means while I am sleeping, my colleagues are working on my Body ’n’ Soul Wellness Academy’s business. Every morning, I have a lot of e-mails and messages. I am getting them not just from Hungary, but other countries as well, as I have other centers in Europe.

Morning time, I am trying to do my best to answer for everybody as soon as possible. I also make some skype calls.

By 5.45 he got up as well and we are ready to have some breakfast, then go to the hospital. (The reason why we are going to the hospital every morning is because of his health problems. This is a long story, I will tell you more about it in a different article: ”How did I change my husband’s lifetime within a month”?

While I am doing my job in the kitchen and checking my e-mails and messages in the same time, he got up and got dressed as well.

I grab the keys for the car because of course I don’t want to let him drive. He loves driving, but since the surgery on his foot, I just want him to be careful with the driving.

Okay, I need the car keys, my laptop, my phones, my smoothie, my coffee. ”Are you ready?” asking him and we are ready to go.

6.30 Hospital. He needs to go upstairs, I stay downstairs at the Caffeteria. I have my spot there, that is my ”office” every morning for 1 to 2 hours. While he is having his treatments, I am working. I have to answer for everybody, take notes, make some phone calls, oh and I have to finish 2 articles and check my colleagues articles as well. I have to continue working on the B ’n’ S website as my webdesigner is waiting for my thoughts. I just finished answering four e-mails and already have 3 new ones. I have to answer them also, as they are important.

I don’t want to tell you my full day, as it looks like just my mornings.

Early in the evening I am getting tired. I can tell, my batteries are dieing. I am so lucky having a great husband in my life. He is always ready to give me a nice massage, sweet hugs, and kisses. And I need him always, big time. Otherwise, I would be totally exhausted.

He keeps telling me, I am a Superwoman because I want to do everything by myself. I don’t want to let anybody help me. Inpossible and can’t – these words are not in my dictionary.

Honestly, I know I can do everything. I can control the Body ’n’ Soul Wellness Academy from the United States and also the American-Hungarian Journal. Both are my love and I am totally in my businesses. I have time for my husband as well. I can drive, I can work, I  can cook, I can take care of the house, I can talk to the biggest guys in the business in person or on the phone. I can reach all of my goals that I have and I am not afraid of telling my opinion to people. I can organize, I can control, I can check people.

Yes, wow, I am a Superwoman!

One day I was searching on the Internet and I found an article: ”The Superwoman syndrome.” What? I read the full article and I thought that was exactly about me. Then I needed to realize that being a Superwoman is not the best thing in the World.

”Superwomen always set standards that are unnaturally high, are beyond reach or reason. They tend to strain compulsively toward impossible goals. They measure self-worth entirely in terms of productivity and tangible accomplishments. Superwomen push themselves to excel, and the cycle begins: Once they excel in one area, they are not satisfied until they excel in another area. There is concern about these women who are trying to be perfect workers, perfect mothers, and perfect housekeepers.

After all, the action hero Superwoman didn’t fail.  She was always there with her cape billowing, ready to rescue any situation.  But she was a superhero.  Humans have limitations.  And accepting this is the first step to combatting this syndrome.

My husband is right. I have to calm down and let him – as Superman – take care of me. I know that.

Well…I am still wearing my Superwoman costume and that is not easy to take off. But there are so many benefits that will come from stepping off the treadmill and enjoying life without having to do it all. Superwomen need to throw away their costumes and keep life simple with a daily “no” and more concern for their own well-being.

Dear readers, let me know your thoughts. Are you a Superwoman? Do you know somebody who is a Superwoman? What do you think about this topic? Being a Superwoman is a good thing or a bad thing? What is your advice?

With love,