American feeling

My dear Readers,

I am enjoying the nice weather in New York City and sitting in Central Park, while I am writing this article for you. I spent the last 2 months in Europe. I just came back to the United States. I had an amazing time in Europe. I met very nice people, I found new friends, and I built new relationships.

I felt so emotional when I got on the plane and flew to New York City. I was happy because I was returning back to the United States again and I was a little bit sad because I needed to say goodbye to my family and friends.

I am just sitting here and watching the people around me. I am smiling. I have a great smile.  I am happy. Why? Don’t forget where I came from. I grew up in a small village in Hungary. I am drinking coffee in the World famous Central Park, I am shopping in Manhattan and looking at the amazing skyscrapers. I am having business meetings with American people right on Fifth Avenue and building my American company.

Hungary and the United States are two different Worlds. Both countries are bautiful and have their own miracles and postive things. I have been travelling between these two coutnries for 20 years. I can see the differences clearly. I am not talking about the money, not at all.

The main difference that I can see and what I am talking about is the behavior of the people. While here in the United States, people are smiling at each other. While I was visiting Budapest, Hungary during my two month stay in Europe, I noticed that people were not smiling and seemed to be cold and unfriendly. People are nervous and they don’t seem to have patience at all.

SMILE. It doesn’t cost anything. Just one little smile, and you can feel the difference. If you give just a smile to somebody, you can feel that he or she will smile back at you. That’s all. You can make somebody’s day just with a little smile.

I love living in both countries. I can find the positive things wherever I am. I can find fantastic and amazing people around me, I have many friends in the United States and in Hungary as well. When I am travelling back to Hungary, I never forget to smile. Plus I am bringing some positive feelings with myself. I don’t do anything else. People love that. Just my simple way of expressimg how I feel with my smiles that I am sharing with others. Be sure to share yours.

With love,