B’n’S Fitness Workshops

The Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy will celebrate its 15th Birthday on the March 20th in 2016.

Join one of our workshops and start the new year with an exciting, unique and fantastic workshop! You can take Pilates, Fitness Classes, Lectures (like Proper Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits). You can also get free luxury cosmetic samples / products. You have a chance to register for one of our certification courses in the United States or in Europe.


Marianna Szoke is the founder and owner of the Body ’n’ Soul Wellness Academy.

She was the First who introduced the Pilates method in Hungary (Budapest) and also started her Pilates Certification Courses.

Today our students can choose from our 16 different Fitness Courses and can get American Fitness Certifications.

Here are the list of our workshops in January and February of 2016:
Jan. 29. 2016 : Manhattan, NY.
Feb. 05. 2016 : Washington D.C.
Feb. 12. 2016 : Los Angeles, CA.
Feb. 20. 2016 : Las Vegas, NV.
Mar. 12. 2016 : Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
Mar. 20. 2016 : Budapest, Hungary / Body – N – Soul 10th Anniversary

For more information, please feel free to write to us:

E-mail: info@body-soul.hu
Website: www.body-soul.us