I’m discovering America! – Atlanta, Georgia

I am sitting at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas right now while I am writing this blog. I am going to Los Angeles again. I love California. It is beautiful and I am totally in love with that state. This love has started years ago. Every time when I arrive in Los Angeles, I have that feeling: „This is my home”. I cannot tell or explain my feelings which is deep inside me and I don’t want to and I cannot let it go.

It’s like a Million people are around me. The excitement is in the air and I love watching the people, the airplanes, and feeling the holiday spirit.

In my last blog I made a promise that I am going to write to you about my very first trip to the Unites States (to Atlanta, Georgia).
Previously, I wrote about my „american dream” and how much I wanted to visit this beautiful country. My goal was just a short visit at least. That’s why I was saving my money for months and that was the reason why I started to learn English.

Now I can remember how excited I was when I stepped into the United States for the first time. When I arrived in Atlanta, I suddenly realized that I was in a foreign country with some English knowledge and I started to worry. What if my friend won’t show up? Where can I find a hotel if he won’t pick me up? How can I stay in the city for months?

When I stepped into the waiting area, I immediatelly saw my friend. He was standing there in a corner, smiling and waiting for me.
Well…this is it. I am in the United States!

My first 3 months was very exciting and beautiful in Atlanta. I had found new friends and learned a lot.

As I promised, here is some information about Atlanta, Georgia.
Georgia is a southeastern U.S. state whose diverse terrain spans coastal marshland and beaches to wide stretches of farmland. Atlanta, its sprawling capital, is the birthplace of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Georgia’s other cities include Savannah, famed for its 18th- and 19th-century architecture and leafy public squares; the college town of Athens; Augusta, which hosts the Masters Golf Tournament; and Macon, which was the center for cotton and pulpwood processing plants.
Atlanta is the capital of and the most populous city of Georgia. Atlanta is the cultural and economic center of the Atlanta metropolitan area, home to 5,522,942 people and the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States.
The capital of Georgia has the busiest airport in the United States with total passengers of 46,604,273 for 2014. Mega companies like Coca Cola and CNN studios are located in Atlanta. People can visit the studios of CNN and there are also some good restaurants inside the building. I remember we had a nice lunch there as well.

The main center of Atlanta is the Olympic Park. The city had the prestige of hosting the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.
Atlanta has also managed to maintain its historic character. The visitors have to stop by the Atlanta History Center or visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site, a moving tribute to an American icon.
In the middle of the city, there is the Stone Mountain and there are some beautiful green parks, like Piedmont Park, Grant Park, and the Oakland Cemetery.

I loved spending a couple of months in the city which has a humid subtropical climate.
After my first visit, I went back to the city two more times. Unfortunatelly I have no relationship with my friend anymore, but I will never forget my first trip to the United States.

Every minute of this journey is deeply remembered and has affected my American life.

Marianna Szoke / Las Vegas, NV