Workout tips for autumn

Our most colorful season has arrived with its rainy, foggy days, that would make us unmotivated, a little bit depressed and even moody. The good news is that if we start working out a few times a week, this bad mood can easily be overcome. It does not matter if we just walk, jog, or maybe run, what really matters is that we find joy in it!

Let’s see 9 tips to be fit and in a good mood during this beautiful but changable weather:

Let’s warm up!
It is very important that the cold weather cannot only be felt by you, but it can also be felt by your body and your muscles. Be very careful and watch out for your body’s reactions: add a few more minutes to warm up before you start doing anything serious! A good warm up session should take minimum 15 minutes!

Many people make that mistake that they wear double layer of clothing in order not to catch a cold or get sick. This is very thoughtful and precautionary, but your body is not able to breathe properly through all those warm materials. The layers prevent the increased sweating, or rather the fluids built up in your body. Lightweight, breathable shirts and sports clothing are the ideal wear for you, and your body, to be comfortable during your workouts.

Reflective clothing
Don’t forget to ensure visibility if you choose to run outside! Especially in this time of the year with the bad weather conditions, it is very important to provide extra safety for yourself and for the drivers, as well. Wear a reflective vest, reflective bands, or head lamps if it is necessary. If possible, finish your workouts before dark, or plan them outside in daytime!

If the temperature goes under 5 Celsius, you must not breathe through your mouth! Actually in every occasion you should inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This way you could avoid cold or other respiratory infections, and with this right method of breating, you are able to help your body burn more calories, too.

Not just during a hot summer day, but in this cold weather it is also very important to pay attention to the proper hydration of your body. For thirst the best options are mineral water (not carbonated!) and/or isotonic sports drinks. Be careful with your choices: After your workout always drink room temperature liquids and avoid very hot or very cold beverages!

Group trainings and workouts
If it is raining or the wind is blowing outside our enthusiasm may subside for your daily workout. Working out with friends or colleagues would bring the motivation back and would make the workout even more fun! Do it together and support each other!

When you caught a cold, you’re coughing, you have a running nose, or you just feel weak then you MUST NOT doing any exercises until you are fully recovered. Rest, focus on your health and do not stress about not following your planned workout schedule! Working out with weak immune system could cause other very serious diseases such as, Myocarditis (infection of the heart muscle), etc.

There are going to be times during your cardio or run that you need to take a small break or pause to catch your breathe. In situations like these do not stop moving completely! Since your already warmed-up muscles will be cooled-down immediately and starting the next set of workout would hurt you. The solution could be very easy: jogging in place or just jumping up and down to keep your pulse up and your muscles warm.

Cool Down
The ideal workout ends with cool-down and/or stretching exercises allowing your body to recover. It is very important to put new clothes on before you do your stretching. These exercises can be done after you arrived home! Be careful not to over-stretch! Relax! Let your body do the job and take your time for a very good and long stretching.

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