I am having many different feelings and thoughts while writing this article in my home in Las Vegas. 18 years ago, when I took my very first flight on American Airlines to Atlanta, I was extremely excited and curious. After two years intensive learning in English back home, I thought I knew the language very well and was ready for my first Big Adventure.

Why did I choose Atlanta? The answer was simply: I was looking for friends in the United States and my English teacher gave me a name and contact information of a guy in Atlanta, Georgia. We were writing to each other a lot and after a couple of months he invited me to visit his family.

I organized my trip. I went to the US Embassy and got my travel visa. I bought my airplane ticket and told him that I will be there soon. I remember when we landed in Atlanta, I felt I wanted to cry….because I was so very happy.

I couldn’t believe it that my dream had come true. I arrived in the United States!
My three months in Atlanta were amazing. I could learn a lot about the American culture, meet with people who were very friendly and nice to me. I remember everybody was asking me: ”Hi, how are you doing?” I didn’t understand that. I asked my friend why are people asking me, ”How am I doing?” He was laughing….oh this is kind of an American thing!
Of course now, I know and do the same thing.

I could write a novel about my good feelings and experiences that I have learned from my first trip to the United States. I am just saying that my ”English knowledge” wasn’t enough. I could learn more in English in Atlanta within three months than in Budapest for two years.
I am going to write about those cities and places in my blog where I have already been. I will share my stories and nice photos.

Now I live in Las Vegas and I have lot of friends and business experiences in this country.
It sounds like a dream, right? But sometimes I wasn’t sure how can I come back to the United States? Sometimes, I have had a very hard time here as well. But the thing is that I never gave up, which made me stronger.

I have already written about Las Vegas, Nevada and California. Next time, I am going to write more about my first trip to Atlanta and I will share some stories about that wonderful city.
After that, I am going to write an article about the amazing New York City, where I have been four times. I was just back in New York City a month ago.

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“Keep your dreams alive!”