Be Fit, Healthy and Self-Confident!

Woman who shy away from the traditionally male-centric weight rooms might want to reconsider. Research has found that among other things, hoisting dumbbells can amp up the fat burn, help to reduce some common diseases and make women stronger inside and out.

Strength training prolongs the burn, even when resting afterward. Women will burn fewer calories while pumping iron than when running (between 8 and 10 calories a minute), but because of weightlifting’s action – traumatizing muscle tissue and forcing itt o rebuild – muscle recovery requires increased expenditure of energy, and thus calories, when the person is at rest.

The research shows a revved-up burn of between 5 percent and 7 percent for three full days after a workout. Additional „free” calorie burning comes from the after-burn effect. By initiating the anaerobic, rather than aerobic, system, weightlifting requires more energy just to return to the resting state. So after we finish a workout, we will burn approximately 30 percent of the amount of calories we burned during the workout in the first hour afterward as our body transitions back. It is a bonus of resistance training.

To maximaze the burn we have to eat a healthy combined protein/carb snack within an hour of the workout.

Because becoming stronger makes everything from chores to other kinds of workouts easier, women become firmer, fitter and more self-confident.

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Marianna Szoke, Las Vegas, NV