National Ice Cream Month!

July is National Ice Cream Month! Ice cream is the perfect summertime treat, and can be more satisfying than other sweet treats since it has quality protein and fat. Ice cream is fairly high in lactose and can be difficult for those with lactose intolerance to enjoy. But there’s good news! Lactose-free dairy ice cream and frozen yogurt can be a good options.

Check out these tips and enjoy your favorite ice cream all summer long!

At the grocery store: Instead of indulging in caramel swirls, double fudge or candy-flavored varieties, opt for flavoring vanilla ice cream yourself. This will help you keep the calories and fat content down. Try adding a few crushed mini peanut butter cups or a drizzle of caramel sauce. You can also choose “slow-churned,” frozen yogurt or gelato, which are often lower in fat and calories.

At a restaurant: When having ice cream at a restaurant, go for a single scoop or small size, and skip the cone. Choose fruit toppings or nuts for added flavor. Better yet, order one serving and share with a friend!

At a “do your own toppings” ice cream or yogurt place: The key here is not to go overboard on serving size. The cups at these types of places are often big enough for three or four servings of frozen treat, so just fill the bottom and choose one or two toppings.

Topping Tips:
• Nuts – just one-two tablespoons of nuts will add extra protein and some crunch.
• Candy and Cookies – Go easy on cookie and candy toppings. Pick just one and have only a spoonful if you can’t resist.
• Berries – Try to go with fresh fruit instead of fruit in syrup.
• Chocolate or Caramel Syrups – A light drizzle is all you need!
• Get Creative – Try a scoop of graham cracker crumbs with fresh strawberries for your own version of strawberry shortcake.