Brightening Summer Skin

Keep your skin looking fresh

To keep your cool, and keep your skin looking fresh, apply sunscreen at home before you leave. Carry some pre-moistened makeup remover towelettes in a Ziploc bag so you can refresh at the office, then reapply sunscreen, moisturizer, and your makeup.
Another tip is to carry a frozen bottle of water on your commute; use it to break flushes and sweats by holding it against your neck by your pulse.

Brighten From the Inside Out

Get your healthy, well-rounded diet with plenty of ‘colors’ ( veggies and fruits) in addition to your proteins and carbs.

Do some Pre-Beach Prep

Before you get dressed and leave the house or hotel, apply sunscreen to every part that might be exposed once at the beach.
Pack a wide brim hat or visor (not a baseball cap, which is just designed to keep sun out of your eyes and won’t protect your skin) as well as lightweight, ventilated, sun-protective clothing for in and out of the water. Carry some Advil or aspirin and hydrocortisone cream to reduce inflammation if you do get too much sun, and be sure to pack sunglasses.

Protect your lips

Sun protection on the lips is important year round, but in summer it’s absolutely crucial. Beyond becoming dry, sore, and cracked, your lips can suffer collagen damage if left unprotected, causing wrinkles and fine lines to form around the mouth.

Forget the makeup

While you are exercising increase your water intake (before, during, and after your workout), bringing a sweat towel, and giving your skin a little extra TLC. Don’t exercise with makeup on. Carry some makeup-removing pre-moistened towelettes so you can wash your face and neck before and after your training program.

Powerful sunscrean

The smart summer skin care is going to begin and end with a powerful sunscreen. Be sure to flip that sunblock over and check the ingredients panel as well. Look for one or more of the following: mexoryl, avobenzone, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or tinosorb to protect against UVA, or longer wave aging rays.

Marianna Szoke