Rodman lands in North Korea to meet Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman /Former NBA Star/ landed in North Korea on Thursday, on a mission to train the national team.

The trip may include a meeting with leader Kim Jong Un, despite last week’s shocking purge and execution of his once-powerful uncle.

North Korea’s Vice Sports Minister Son Kwang Ho met Rodman at the airport, where the basketball player made no public remarks.

Before boarding an Air Koryo flight at Beijing’s Capital International Airport, Rodman told reporters that he hopes to have a “good conversation” with Kim whom he has described as a “friend for life.”

He said, “I know (Kim) is waiting for me to come back. So hopefully we will have some conversation about some things that’s going to help the world.”

Rodman has previously visited North Korea twice, first in March and then in September. During his March trip, he connected with the 30-something leader as they watched an exhibition basketball match.

Rodman’s trip this week comes amid potential political instability in North Korea following the execution of Jang Song-thaek. South Korea and the U.S. have kept a close watch on North Korea for possible provocations.