Health Mistakes

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is too easy and beneficial a meal to pass up in the mornings.
As you sleep, your body’s metabolism slows down, so when you wake up, your body needs food to get your metabolism going again.
When you skip breakfast, your energy levels suffer.
Although you may skip breakfast in an attempt to cut some calories, you actually will eat more throughout the day to compensate for your hunger. S
tudies have also shown that eating breakfast increases your ability to perform better mentally.


Too much sun damages our skin.
Sun tanning and skipping the sunscreen both increase your exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause premature aging and, even worse, skin cancer.


Consequences of smoking include lung and throat cancer, premature wrinkles, an increase in men’s risk of impotence, and complication of pregnancies for women. And these are just some of smoking’s effects.
The repetitive puckering of lips around a cigarette causes wrinkles. Plus, the habit deprives your skin of necessary nutrients – smoking dehydrates and kills elasticity.

Weight Lifting

Contrary to popular myth, lifting weights won’t necessarily make you bulk up, an effect that many people, especially women, want to avoid.
It’s true that when you start lifting weights or using a resistance training program, you generally gain a bit of weight before you start to lose it, but that’s simply because muscle weighs more than fat.
If you want to get in shape, weights lifting will help you burn more calories even after your workout is over.
Studies have shown that weight training in the morning boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day.


Not Getting Enough Sleep

Doctors have been telling us for years that most people need at least 8 hours of sleep a night to function at their fullest the next day, so why are you going to bed so late?
Many people find that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get things accomplished, so sleep is sacrificed.

Drinking Calories

Lattes and smoothies might be a fixture in your day, but you could be consuming nearly all of your calories for the day in just one cup.
Coffee drinks, smoothies, sodas, juices, and alcohol are all notorious calorie-bombs. Try limiting yourself to one liquid treat once a week and drink plenty of water.