Exercising with a friend

It is so easy when dieting and exercising alone to become lax. Eating an extra helping, skipping an exercise session or completely giving up on a program is not as difficult for a loner.

Having a partner when you are dieting and exercising is not only enjoyable, but also will increase your chances for success. Each person provides positive reinforcement to the other. When one is down, the other provides inspiration and words of encouragement.

When participating with a partner or group in a planned regimen, dieting and exercise can become fun rather than a dreaded chore. Together you can plan dietary menus, exercise that provides fun as well as benefits, and set individual and group goals.

Instead of striving for indefinite goals of weight loss and fitness, set demanding but realistic targets. Publish your targets so that each individual will know what your goals are. This will increase the amount of dedication needed to follow through and produce positive results.

When participants fail to meet targets, partners should encourage each other to continue to push for excellence and not give up or be discouraged. When achieving success, congratulate each other and make it a special event.

Friends and associates that are participating in a common goal will introduce new aspects of diet and exercise that the individual may not have considered. Trading information, ideas and inspiration is a vital part of dieting together. You can share diet recipes, workout techniques, fun ways to exercises, envouragement, goals and most of all, support.

Try it with your Friends:

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