Counting the Carbs!

I got the privilege of trying out the Extend Nutrition Products. There are a wide variety of the Extend Products that cover all aspects of your health, fitness and diet regimen. I got Vanilla Extend Shake, Chocolate Extend Shake, Bars, drizzles and crisps.

I love all of them but my favourite are the bars and the Cinnamon Crisp (I love cinnamon so much).

Typical snacks metabolize over a 1-2 hour period, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar. The body responds with insulin, which quickly drives blood sugar back down. By the time your blood sugar bottoms out, you are feeling the fatigue and cravings characteristic of the insulin response. When your blood sugar drops and you feel cravings, an unhealthy snack can restart the spike crash crave cycle by triggering the insulin response.

The low – glycemic carbs in Extend Nutrition products digest and metabolize very gradually. The result is stable energy for 6 hours during the day and 9 hours at night, as your body metabolizes faster during periods of normal activity versus periods of rest.

Extend products won’t spike your blood sugar and therefore don’t cause an insulin response.

ExtendBar’s 7-9 hour glucose conversion is based on a combination of short acting and long acting carbohydrates.

“My problem” is that I cannot go to sleep if I am hungry…I have to eat something before bedtime. One night I had some Caramel Bliss Drizzle and the other night I tried the Chocolate Dream Drizzle.

I felt great and I could sleep well….my body was so grateful for this amazing snacks.

As I am working as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Master Trainer as well I will recommend the Extend Nutrition Products to my clients!

Marianna Szoke /