National Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day is always August 15 each and every year. The first National Relaxation Day celebrated as National Slacker Day in Britain in 2001. Over the past several years it has caught on in the United States to promote leisure and wellness activities.

Life can be very fast pace at times and we all need a day to celebrate like this one. This is a perfect day when you can relax and do nothing. You deserve it. Just kick back and relax. Get rid of that hectic lifestyle if you have one and enjoy this day.

This day provides a day for your mind to rest, a day for dreaming, and a day for doing absolutely nothing. Avoid all stressful activities today. Let your body heal, rest and relax. So….slow down…breath and relax. Relaxation Day is all about winding down and just taking it easy. Here are some easy ways to chill out:
1. Go for a walk. It can be a short walk, it can be a long walk. Just get outdoors to clear your mental space. Sometimes we just need to declutter the noise that invades our minds on a daily basis. Simply stepping out to get some fresh air can do wonders to get you out of your overwhelm state and back to focusing on the things that really matter.

2. Say NO to phone calls (especially the ones you don’t want to be on anyway), to e-mails, to social media.

3. Take a nap. Oh yes, there’s nothing like a good ol’ nap to calm you down and put you in a place of zen. So when you lay the kids down, that’s your que to freeze: stop all housework and hop into your cozy bed for some much needed shut-eye time.

4. Take a bubble bath. Light some candles, close the door and enjoy your bubble bath. Sometimes a good soak is all we need to get the blood flowing properly again.

5. Go for a swim. Or just wade in the water. Our bodies are made up of about 70% of water, so it’s only natural that being around it will calm us down. A nice swim can be just what you need to release stress and increase relaxation.

6. Go to the aquarium. Several studies have shown that viewing a fish-filled aquarium can lower both blood pressure and stress levels.

7. Breathe. When you’re overwhelmed, stressed and anxious the last thing on your mind is stopping to breathe. The one thing we do without even thinking about it is a big stress reliever. Deep breathing is not only relaxing, but it’s scientifically proven to lower stress int he body.

8. Shut off the electronics. iPads, iPhones, tablets, TVs, etc. Find an electronic-free activity to induldge in. Go bowling, play golf or take an exercise class like yoga or pilates.