Tips for the Perfect First Date

Whether you are a dating teen or a dating adult, a first date can bring on excitement and anxiety. Sure, you likely already made a good enough impression to land the date itself but your nerves will likely be on overload until the first date goodbye is complete. If you’re like most people and first dates make you terrified, use these first date tips to help you get through any first date situation.

Dating Conversation Tip


One of the worst parts about a first date is the conversation aspect. You may meet someone and instantly be able to carry on flowing conversations about anything and everything. However, this is quite rare. Most first dates are full of silence, as you barely know anything about each other and don’t yet share common stories to laugh about together.

However, you can get through any first date conversation if you prepare in advance. Think ahead about certain topics and ideas you can talk about if the conversation comes to a halt. Try to make them basic topics which don’t allow for controversy (no religion or politics please). Remember to also be yourself during conversation. While acting as if you’re someone else might work for the night, if you’re looking for a long term partner, you’ll only be missing out. It’s just not fair for you to act as if there’s a connection, when there isn’t. It will only waste your time and your date’s time. Even though your date might not be the love of your life and may be your exact opposite, at least you’ll make it through the evening with steady conversation.

What to Wear on a First Date

Choosing the perfect date outfit can be stressful for a first date. The best way to choose your attire is to think about where you’re going. For women, a dark pair of jeans, a blouse and a pair of heels are ideal for almost any setting. With these outfit, it doesn’t matter where you go because you’ll always be dressed “just right”.

Date Location Tips

Today’s dating is different than dating of the past. Many people are finding dates via personals and while they may attract many people, some of the dating suggestions they find aren’t going to be the best for them. So, when thinking of a location for a first date, be sure to pick a busy and public place. Restaurants, theatres, bars and other social areas are great for a first date and can allow you to be safe during your outing.

Dating Privacy and Safety Tips

With today’s matchmaking taking place quite often online, it’s important to think about safety advice when going on a first date. Many Internet sites like and will do much of the background checking and heavy duty work for you, to ensure the men and women you meet via their service have clear records. However, singles should still think about protective measures when they’re just getting to know someone. Be sure to meet in public places and never reveal your address or even your last name to someone until you know them well and are ready to enter into a relationship. Use common sense and keep your guard up until you’re confident you are safe with your date.