90G jewel thief hits New York’s Tiffany

A dapper thief made a fast break from Tiffany after swiping two necklaces worth $90,000 from a counter at the jeweler’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

The crook, clad in a suit and tie and swinging an umbrella in his hand, asked to see two diamond necklaces last Friday at 3 p.m., police said.

A clerk laid the pieces on the counter and turned away while the man looked over the pricey baubles.
Surveillance video caught the crook casually leaning on the counter on one elbow until the worker walked away.

He then scooped up the jewels and fled.

He was still at large last night.

Luxury jewelers in Midtown have been plagued by thefts this year.

On May 1, a thieving duo managed to pocket a high-end timepiece worth $177,000 from the Porsche Design store.

The same man and woman, working as a team, also stole two watches from the Bulgari store on Fifth Avenue on April 4, police said.

 /New York Post/