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Melbourne to Dallas in 17 hours

April 25, 2022 0

Qantas announces latest ultra-long-haul flight to US The Australian airline, which is nicknamed “the flying kangaroo,” announced the new route will begin on December 2, […]

ZION National Park, Utah

January 22, 2022 0

Named for the Hebrew word “refuge,” Zion National Park – nestled in Utah’s southwest corner – is no longer the quiet sanctuary it once was. […]

Holistic Lifestyle and Ayurveda

January 22, 2022 0

Living a holistic lifestyle has far-reaching benefits that are both physical and mental. Its roots are found in ancient natural healing systems. The whole philosophy […]


Certificate of Excellence

The owner of the AHJ, Marianna Jackson / Szoke/ received the Hungarian Consulate’s certificate for her excellent American-Hungarian media work in the United States

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