Six thousand kilometers journeyed by Hungarian Hussars

After more than half a year volunteers from the reserve cavalry patrol arrived Tuesday in the nearby town of Várpalota from Északi portyáról, after journeying over six thousand kilometers (3729 miles) on horseback. The Defense Minister, Csaba Hende called their performance fully successful.

The Északi portya and Bakonyi Sports Club volunteered for the ride: Csepin Peter and his partner, Bakó Sándor began on the 7th of April this year from Várpalota, Hungary. Returning (by land) from Sweden through Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Eastern Slovakia with a touch of Eastern Hungary. They covered this journey on four horses, in traditional knight costumes made for them in order to revive the traditions of the Hungarian cavalry and horsemanship, to promote the reserve military services, as ambassadors of the country.

“The men rode about 6,600 kilometers while they had to deal with the insolence and the sloppiness of the perplexed office” – said Csaba Hende. He stressed: when the country is in danger it can only be defended by our armed forces and the nation feels and understands the importance of defense and is ready to participate actively in it. He added: The responsibility of  preserving our traditions by recreating the notable achievements and journeys of our heroes “from the deep well of history” so the future generations may be aware and appreciate their courage and struggles.

The Hungarian Defense Minister thanked the two soldier volunteers for the representation of the military’s tradition, and the Mayor of Várpalota awarded them with medals for the defense of the city.

In her celebratory greeting Martha Talabér (the Mayor of Várpalota) emphasized that during the past six months the Hungarian Hussars, faced both joy and sorrow, in a much more “eventful” journey than planed. She added: that for the seventh annual journey; regardless of the accusations of the City of Amal, Sweden, the perseverance and ingenuity of their performance was quite impressive. The Mayor remarked “the happening in Sweden” to be an exception of amplifying the rules because, through all those countries involved, the riders made a good representation of the city and Hungary. On July 1st, in Amal, Sweden the Hungarian Hussars stopped to rest, and to check the swelling of the legs of one of their horses – officials charged them with animal abuse and they were taken into custody, and on July 3rd they were released, but  they had to wait another month for the veterinary release to be able to continue the journey.


Translator: Ildiko Wayne Knight

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