20% of Hungarian physicians moved abroad

It is estimated that 4-5 thousand Hungarian physicians, nearly 20% of Hungary’s doctors moved abroad in recent years with hope for better living conditions. Most of them are young specialists in which the Hungarian state invested tens of millions (UHF) for training and formation.

Despite the initial investment in training and formation, wage policies and working conditions can’t match the conditions offered by recruitment agencies, so the government has a hard time trying to keep the professionals home. “Swedish language courses for several weeks in a Spanish resort town, pre-rented housing, job for the spouse, a nursery, kindergarten and school for children…”

The 32-year-old Leslie passed his specialist exam 2 years ago. He started working at a hospital and at a private practice. Besides work he also started a family. After visiting a Swedish hospital Leslie accepted the generous offer. His story is not an isolated case.

There are more and more medical and non-medical professionals that undertake positions in Western Europe. In terms of medical migration, the current involves all types of specialists, from nurses, residents and specialists. This dangerous trend can lead to serious disruptions in the domestic health care. In the past decades Hungarian doctors were severely underpaid and the government failed to remedy this serious threat.

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