Socialist leader confident MSZP will defeat Fidesz in 2014 elections

Attila Mesterhazy, head of the main opposition Socialists, said on Sunday that his party would defeat ruling Fidesz at the general election in spite of the planned introduction of mandatory pre-registration for the eligibility to vote.

According to Mesterhazy, Fidesz is losing self-confidence and the conviction that it will win the election. They cannot come up with an explanation for why pre-registration is necessary when Hungary has an election system that has been smoothly functioning for the past 22 years, he added.

“Whether with registration, or without, the Hungarian people will chase away Fidesz, just like they did with every political power based on lies in the course of history,” Mesterhazy said.

Mesterhazy said that in preparation to the next election, the party is determined to avoid a mistake committed in 2006 when “we said something to voters in the election programme and did something different in the government programme.” He added that Orban in 2010 “did not say anything and did not give an election programme whatsoever, yet he could not even fulfill the impressions that he generated during the election campaign.” Mesterhazy said the Socialists group will hold a meeting in western Hungary on October 4-5.

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