Commandos detain new “Roma Gárda” leader

Commando units detained Ferenc Bagó, the head of a newly-announced Roma Gárda, in Pécs Thursday afternoon. Bagó, who calls himself Col. Daflics, announced in the journal Dunántúli Napló that a self-defence association has been formed in Pécs called Roma Gárda, to defend Roma, Jews and all minorities who live in threat.

Bagó was detained by Anti-Terrorist Centre staff for committing a crime by founding an organisation as a man with a criminal record, news website Index reports. The Thursday capture was not confirmed by police. István Hegedűs, head of the county Roma authority, told Dunántúli Napló that he dissociates himself from the Roma Gárda and from those who support it, as the latter have no place in public life.

Seven detained in attack on policeman

Seven men have been detained in connection with an assault on a policeman in Tura, Pest county, National Police spokesman László Garamvölgyi announced Thursday afternoon. The off-duty police ensign, Attila Alexander Darnyik, 33, was assaulted and beaten Wednesday night, after catching two suspects during a theft in progress. Relatives of the suspects then attacked the policeman.

Darnyik requested help, and 240 policemen arrived from Gödöllő and the Emergency Police. More than 200 police officers chased a Roma man and his relatives, several of whom have criminal records, Magyar Hírlap reports. Three of the men were captured soon after; Thursday morning a further two were caught and two more that afternoon.

Darnyik suffered injuries on his head, arm, and fingers and had his nose broken.

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