Fidesz bill may punish non-voters

Those who registers but do not vote in the 2014 elections could be excluded from the following elections, an unnamed member of the Fidesz leadership told Origo.

Fidesz will file a bill on the election rules in the autumn introducing the requirement to register before voting.
The source said Hungarian citizens living abroad will be allowed an absentee ballot but only for national party lists, not individual candidates. Of the estimated 500,000 ethnic Hungarians abroad who will obtain Hungarian citizenship 370,000 are of voting age, of whom up to 80% will vote, according to Fidesz calculations, the source added.

“It is expected that whoever has taken the trouble to obtain citizenship will also be interested in utilising it, and will be grateful that we have given it to him or her,” he argued. In response, Socialist Budapest chapter president Zsolt Molnár said it would be great if written proposals rather than leaked information formed the basis of debate with the governing party.

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