Hungary’s Birthday Cake 2012 Will Be Announced On 20 August

Photo: Millet Cake with Kecskemét Apricot - Hungary\'s Birthday Cake 2011

In Hungary every year a special birthday cake is prepared to celebrate the country’s foundation. This years winning cake will be finaly introduced in St Stephen’s Court on 20 August between 14.00-15.00.

The National Guild of Hungarian Confectioners selects the best recipe submitted by confectioners from all over Hungary. In 2011 the Zila Coffee House & Confectionery’s recipe for Millet Cake with Kecskemét Apricot, a unique dessert that even the health-conscious can enjoy without remorse, won.

Photo: Millet Cake with Kecskemét Apricot - Hungary's Birthday Cake 2011

This year the nominees are:
Apple-poppy seed cake from Szabolcs county by Kokó Confectionery from Veszprém,
Pumkin-apple cake from the Őrség region (a beautiful wooded area in Western Hungary), by Villa Rosato from Bükfürdő,
Raspeberry cake with honey and basil by Gombai Confectionery from Veresegyháza,
Golden pear cake by Stop Confefctionery from Tatabánya, and
National tricolor cake by Major Confectionery from Budapest.

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