Programme Reconnects Young People With Hungarian Roots

Pal Hatos Photo: MTI

Young people in the United States and Canada will get a chance in August to revisit their roots in Hungary in the ReConnect Hungary programme.

“ReConnect Hungary is a programme that strives to speak…to the sense of Hungarian identity of young people in North America that are of the second, third or even fourth generation,” said Pál Hatos, director of the programme’s organiser the Balassi Institute.
“Their Hungarian roots are not a deficit for these young Americans, but a surplus that inspires them and which they want to want to get to know in greater depth,” saidLászló Hámos, chairman of the Kossuth Foundation, which organises the programme in the United States. Ten Americans and two Canadians are participating in the programme which takes place on August 11-27.
The participants will visit the cites of Eger, Tokaj, Szentendre, Komárom and Dunaszerdahely, in addition to Budapest, during their stay. They will hear lectures on differenet subjects, visit companies with American ties and can participate in the celebration of Hungary’s national holiday in Parliament on August 20. “We hope that if the programme is successful, the visits can become an institution and we can expand the programme,” Hatos said.
Pal Hatos / Photo: MTI
“ReConnect Hungary will be integral in fostering these journeys of rediscovering our roots, and in the process, moving forward with a greater understanding of who we are and where we come from,” said programme ambassador Allison Pataki Levy.
Source: Hungarian News Agency (MTI)

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