Endre Hules’s Hungarian Film Competes in Ukraine

Endre Hules

The Hungarian director Endre Hules’s film The Maiden Danced to Death is in competition at the 3rd Odessa International Film Festival taking place on July 13-21.

The Maiden Danced to Death marks Hules’s debut as a film director. The Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond helped make the film together with Bea MelkviZsolt László and the Honvéd dance troupe.
  The film is about a rivalry between two brothers, Steve, who returns to his native Hungary from Canada after 20 years, and Gyula, who stayed at home, working with the same dance company they started together years earlier and now married to Steve’s former sweetheart Mari.
Endre Hules

“Leaving the place one grew up in — whether it’s a small town or the country, or even a religious or ideological community — means severing ties to a certain degree. It changes us, and we view what we left behind from a different perspective. It also makes us strange and suspicious — somewhat of a traitor — in the eyes of those who stayed. This is universal,” Hules says of the film.

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