Motorcycle Enthusiast Builds His Dream Chopper Out of Wood

Istvan Puskas, a motorcycle enthusiast from Hungary took the term “chopper” litterally and actually spent the last two years chopping his dream ride from black locust wood.

It’s not clear whether the agricultural machine expert from Tiszaros, 161 kilometers east of Budapest, couldn’t afford to buy himself an ordinary chopper, or if he just wanted to create something that would stand out weherever he went, but his wooden masterpiece certainly got a lot of attention when it was recently unveiled.

Wood isn’t the only unusual material used to create this special chopper. Instead of chromed steel, the handlebars and exhaust pipes are made from cow’s horns, and the amateur bike-maker used deer antlers as decorations. But what’s most surprising about Istvan Puskas’s chopper is that it actually works.

He used the engine of a small Fiat built in Poland under license from the Italian car maker, fueled with petrol from a small wooden barrel that serves as a gas tank. But considering, the chopper doesn’t look like it has any suspensions, I don’t think it’s the right vehicle for long outings. Still, the level of craftsmanship that went into the build is nothing short of impressive.


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