More effective representation for counties in Brussels

The H4- HunOR Representative Office in Brussels to be opened under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice will provide a more effective and more active presence in Brussels for both the counties of Hungary and the Hungarian research and development sector. By virtue of opening the office, the Ministry hopes to improve the aid level of counties and the entire Hungarian R+D sector available from EU funding. Thanks to the new information network, counties will have a direct link to tender funding made available in Brussels for the fulfilment of their new development tasks.

Main activities of the H4-HunOR Office opened in the Brussels Hungarian Development Centre: interest representation, gathering and dissemination of information, establishment of a strong network of contacts with EU institutions and Hungarian and foreign representations in Brussels, partner search, image building, lobbying and the wider promotion of Hungarian research results in Brussels.

Erika Szabó, Minister of State for Territorial Public Administration

Erika Szabó, Minister of State for Territorial Public Administration and Elections, said that, based on the Government’s new type of county concept, effective representation in Brussels is key for both counties and country-ranked cities. It is the goal of the HunOR Hungarian Research Development and Innovation Office to provide more information for the Hungarian R+D+I sector, in particular, small and medium-sized businesses, and to thereby enhance their participation in EU programmes.

In the current economic situation, the tender opportunities and funding offered by the EU must be used as priority resources in our national (innovation) development policy and the improvement of competitiveness. At present, Hungary’s participation in the European Union’s joint research, development and innovation programmes does not reach the desirable and optimal level.

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