American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AmCham) is a non-governmental, non-political and financially independent organization representing the interest of its close to 450 members from 23 different countries. Since its inception in 1989 AmCham Hungary has become the largest AmCham in Central and Eastern Europe with the continued mission “to be the leading representative for US and international business in Hungary, and to promote the global competitiveness of the country”.

Internationally, AmCham Hungary draws strength from its membership in the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams in Europe), represents over 17,000 companies and over 1.1 trillion USD investment in Europe and the USA, as well as major policy makers from both the United States and the European Union. AmCham Hungary also works closely with other AmChams in the CEE region on advocacy issues, such as taxation or sustainability. AmCham is member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business federation.

The AmCham Code of Business Ethics is a cornerstone of what the Chamber stands for and strives to maintain. As such, it is a prerequisite for new members to adopt the Code of Ethics upon joining. As an organization dedicated to the development of international business within Hungary, AmCham considers one of its most significant goals to be the establishment of high standards of business conduct and principles of Good Corporate Citizenship.

All members’ business activity should be based on honesty, integrity, fairness, and social responsibility. Such activity is defined by:

  • Safe and healthy workplace
  • Fair employment practices
  • Responsible environmental protection
  • Compliance with relevant laws and the rule of law
  • Responsible treatment of customers and clients
  • Involvement and engagement in the community i.e. Good Corporate Citizenship.

Advocacy Networking Services

AmCham provides members with an opportunity to actively and directly participate in defining, developing, discussing and resolving issues of common interest impacting their operations through a number of channels, including personal meetings, debate series, conferences or Position Papers.

AmCham’s advocacy activities are coordinated by its Committees and Working Groups, bringing together specialists and experts to act as think tanks and to generate new initiatives and communicate the views and opinions of the entire membership on a range of topics. These topics include Corporate Governance, Healthcare, HR, IT, Labor and Education, Taxation and Transparency among others.

Advocacy Networking Services

With a continuously evolving selection of events, AmCham Hungary aims to add value on both a personal and professional level by providing quality high-level networking opportunities, inviting world-class speakers and showcasing best practices. We organize over 120 events a year for the benefit of our membership.

  • Regular monthly events (Business Forums, Seminar & Cocktails)
  • Conferences (regular conferences on taxation, energy, diversity, labor and education issues)
  • Ad hoc business events (Global Leaders on the AmCham Podium, Debate series)
  • Networking events (Speed Business Meeting, Business After Hours, Family Sports Day)
  • Educational series (Career School, Marketing School, AmCham-CEU Academy)
  • Traditional US Social events (Valentine Day’s Ball, July 4th Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, U.S. Election Night Party)

Advocacy Networking Services

AmCham Hungary offers various free marketing and communications tools for your company to promote brand awareness and support advocacy efforts while reaching the top business executives in Hungary.

Business Development Services

  • AmCham Market Place
  • One-on-One consultation
  • Membership Card – discount program for members
  • Member to Member business offers
  • Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Information Services

  • Access to the Members Only section (incl. Recommended Events, Business Offers and Members’ releases) on the new AmCham website
  • Weekly electronic newsletter
  • Access to online Membership Directory
  • Free copy of the Annual Report, AmCham Magazine and Position Briefs
  • AmCham – TV2 Business Lounge Video series
  • Information on other AmCham organizations across Europe (link to the European Council for American Chambers of Commerce)
  • Membership surveys

Visa Consultation

  • Consultation regarding business and student Visas
  • Information on the Visa Waiver program

To contact the AmCham Staff please click here.

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