Hungary Her Magic Revealed to You

Have you ever heard that word Hungary or Hungarian?

I know that you know a lot about “hungry” but what about Hungary? OK, kidding aside.

We are inviting you via our website for a virtual excursion where you can discover the best Hungarian specialties. If you are interested in our small and beautiful country, we will show you what this sunny place and friendly people in the heart of Europe can offer you.

We all who build this site are Hungarians and we love our country. In addition we are proud of our Hungaricums which are those unique things what you can not find anywhere else just here.
Our aim with this website is to show you that our country is much more than goulash and paprika. Of course we are famous for these foods but there are thousands of other nice things what we are proud of and you should discover, taste or try when you decide to visit our wonderful place.

Are you ready?

If yes, please give your hand and we will guide you through the magic world of Hungarian specialties. Start your virtual trip with us. We wish you a pleasant journey and we feel honored if we meet you again.

Do you wonder what this tiny country has to offer to you? Despite the small size of Hungary she has a distinct culture and language, stirring history, beautiful landscapes, healing waters and spas, delicious food and wines. What else do you need for a perfect vacation in the heart of Europe?

You need Hungary Tourist Guide!

On our site you’ll find:

  • tips on when and where to go, what to see
  • advice on finding good-value accommodation
  • cultural and historical background: though Hungary is in the middle of Europe, itslanguage, culture and customs differ from other European countries. You need some guidance to understand the country and Hungarian people better.
  • food and wine guide: what to eat and drink and in which restaurants
  • major events
  • theme-oriented holiday tips: wine tours, culinary trips, active vacations
  • practical information that are essential for a hassle-free holiday, including money matters, public holidays, safety, useful telephone numbers and addresses

The best thing is that all this information is gathered by a native wife & husband team (and their little boy) who travel a lot in Hungary to discover its treasures and to let their son know his homeland. Who else can be a better travel guide then locals who speak the language and have insider knowledge about every corner of Hungary?

Lots of photos mostly taken during our travels or shared by friends will help you to get a better impression about Hungary and its attractions.
Never been to Hungary? Don’t know much about the place but want to plan your trip well?
Let Hungary Tourist Guide decode this mysterious contry for you!
Should you have questions or something to say feel free to contact us:

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